Home Selling FAQ

When you’ve decided to sell your home, it’s one of the most important transactions of your life. You’ve invested a lot of your worth into your home, and you deserve the best possible return on that investment.

Choose an agent that understands that investment and will work to get the selling price that you deserve. Christian Lang will not only get your property seen in as many forms as possible, he will advertise all of the selling points, present your property effectively to prospective buyers, and negotiate the best possible selling price.

Christian Lang has been a successful realtor for over 20 years, and has a long list of satisfied clients. Reach out to Christian today and find out more about how he can help you get a great return on your investment.

You’d be very surprised at how many basic tasks sellers can do to increase their home’s value, and yet fail to do so. It all matters! Basic fixes and/or small investments in your property can greatly increase your asking price, so don’t neglect any of them.

Things you can do to effectively prepare your home for sale include:

  • Consider your curb appeal. How does your front lawn look? Are there any chips in the paint? Could your driveway be re-paved? Do you need a new mailbox? Curb appeal makes a world of difference…and many times the fixes aren’t difficult or expensive.
  • Declutter living areas. Your home should look as spacious as possible. Any potential buyers wants to see the possibilities, not the limitations. Use storage if you must, but don’t have anything in the home you don’t need!
  • Depersonalize your space. Remove and family pictures on the wall, your movie collection, anything that suggests that the home belongs to someone else.
  • Repaint walls to neutral tones. Again, remember that your prospect wants to see the possibilities…and they don’t want to see that they’ll have to repaint over a color they don’t like.
  • Touch up any scuff marks. Any imperfection, no matter how small, is going to be noticed…act as though you were buying the home yourself.
  • Fix things you know are broken. Is there a leaking faucet you’ve never gotten around to fixing? Are your bathroom tiles in good condition? Be sure to take the time and address them, even if there is a small cost involved.
  • Add some plants. Plants both inside and outside give a home a relaxing, natural feel…they make people feel as though this is truly a home. Again, it’s a small investment that can really pay off.
  • Conduct a smell test. Nothing puts off a potential prospect like a mysterious odor. Get someone who isn’t really familiar with your home to go through every room in your home, and ensure that any causes of odors are taken care of.
  • Clean, clean, clean. It’s simple and doesn’t take long, but it’s surprising how few sellers take the time to ensure that the home is spotless. Make some time to give your home’s interior and exterior a good scrubbing, including power washing the exterior.
  • Hide valuables. If you’re still living in the home, be sure to lock up anything that is important to you, either financially or sentimentally.
  • Consider staging. Think of ways you can help your prospect visualize themselves in your home – from increased lighting, creating furniture arrangements, setting the dinner table and more. Staging puts on a real show of your home, and can be the difference that makes a buyer choose your home over others in the area.

The Mullica Hill area is safe, quiet and much less congested than most South Jersey suburbs. It is a small town with beautiful subdivisions, and it is surrounded with picturesque farms and wineries. In the downtown area, you can find multiple antique shops, along with small restaurants and diners.

Mullica Hill is a short drive from both Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore, making it easy to eat or shop for most anything you want.

Mullica Hill’s main route is U.S. Route 322, which is also called Mullica Hill Road in the town. But it is also reasonably close to multiple major arteries, including the New Jersey Turnpike, Interstate 295, the Atlantic City Expressway, and the Garden State Parkway. It’s also close to Route 55, for a quick trip to Wildwood, Cape May and other favorite Jersey Shore towns.

Mullica Hill is a half hour’s drive from Philadelphia, less than an hour to the Jersey Shore, and about two hours’ drive from New York City.